Product: Canon Speedlite Transmitter STE2
Product: Canon Speedlite Transmitter STE2

Canon Speedlite Transmitter STE2

Stock code: #C58-5651

This product has been discontinued. Please contact us for more information


ST-E2 Transmitter


This dedicated E-TTL (II) wireless flash transmitter lets you control an unlimited number of 420EX, 430EX, 550EX and 580EX flashes in two groups. Dedicated controls on the unit allow you to control all slave unit functions, without having to access each flash. Flash output ratio between groups A and B can be adjusted from 8:1 to 1:1 or from 1:1 to 1:8 in half step increments. Other features include an AF assist beam when shooting in low light, and high speed sync compatibility for maximum flexibility in your lighting.


ST-E2 Transmitter


For 420EX, 430EX, 550EX, and 580EX flashes; Type A EOS cameras (E- TTL, autoflash) and Type B EOS cameras (manual flash)

Range 8-10m outdoors, 12-15m indoors
Beam spread ±40° horizontal, ±30° vertical
Power source 2CR5 lithium (6V) battery (not included)
Dimensions 62  51 × 80mm
Weight 100g (without battery)



  • Transmission System infrared pulse

  • Transmission Range Indoors: Approximately 12-15 m / Outdoors: Approximately 8-10 m

  • Transmission Coverage +/-40 degrees horizontal and +/-30 degrees vertical

  • Power Source 2CR5 lithium (6V) battery

  • Dimensions 62mm W x 51mm H x 80mm D

  • Weight 100 g (excluding battery)

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