Garth Badger

Published 1/1/0001

Professional photographer and videographer Garth Badger believes in only shooting what you feel passionate about - he has worked with both NZ and international based clients and aims to continue his work in TVC and possible documentary shooting.
Where are you based? Where do you call home?
K'Rd, Auckland


How did you get started in photography and what was your first camera?

I originally stared as a hobbyist to get better pictures of my hiking / fishing adventures. My first camera was a Canon EOS Elan 35mm
How did you get started with Videography?

Experimentation with the Canon 5DmkII, it seemed like a good challenge. I had no idea how much of a challenge it would be.
Tell us a little about your style.

It's a constantly evolving thing. I like people to look real and comfortable in my work. It's important for me to be equally comfortable working with natural and artificial light.
What gear do you use?

Canon, Mac, Arri, Chimera, Vocas, whatever works best.

If you had to choose only one lens, what would it be and why?

50mm 1.2 seems to be on my camera most. Stills and video  
What do you feel has been your greatest photographic/video achievement to date?

Seeing Mum's collection of magazines/catalogues that I have shot in.


If you weren't a photographer, what would you be?

A taxidermist is the fallback plan.

What kind of video work do you enjoy most?

Work that allows creative freedom, doesn't matter what the subject or the client is. Being trusted to create for others is the best thing we can do.


What advice do you offer to young photographers?

To only shoot what you are passionate about, there is a lot of pressure for photographers to shoot both still and moving image these days. I call bullshit on that. I think people should concentrate on what they love most and only shoot both if they are truly passionate about both.

In your opinion, what qualities does a great photographer have?

The ability to relate to anyone any time. Photography is not about cameras.

Are you a fan of using flash in your work? What lighting equipment do you favour?

I use what ever is best for the type of image I'm after, flash is a tool in the box not a must-use item. I probably prefer shooting continuous lighting.
What do enjoy doing to take a break from photography, what recharges you?

Fly fishing and taxidermy. Instagraming? Is that considered photography?

Who motivates or inspires you to keep doing what you do?

Remembering the mundane jobs I worked when I was younger.
What is next for you? Goals for the near future?

More TVC work, maybe shoot a Doco, stills exhibition, book? Stuff more animals.
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