Jeremy Toth

Published 1/1/0001

Auckland based freelance photographer and motionographer Jeremy Toth shoots the breeze with Progear...
Where are you based?

I am based in a studio on High St, Auckland.

How long have you been a photographer?

I started shooting full time in 2005.

Tell us a little about your style of photography.

I guess it is largely influenced by cinema. I try to create atmosphere and amplify the environment I am shooting in.

What have been a few interesting recent jobs you've worked on?

I actually just shot my first music video recently on the 5D Mark II which was fun.

What originally attracted you to photography?

I have always been drawn to landscapes and as I am not much good at painting or drawing I found photography was a way I could capture scenes and express the way I see things.

What is/has been your greatest challenge as a photographer?

Improving my business skills is something I have to push myself with constantly. Marketing, pricing, negotiating and having a detailed business plan are things I am developing with time and experience. Right now my challenge is to really focus in on where I fit within the industry and set clear objectives that I want to achieve, it is exciting but can sometimes be a daunting task.
What has been your most memorable assignment and why?

I have been lucky enough to shoot aerial photography from helicopters on several occasions and one in particular was shooting for MTV over the Southern Alps photographing snowboarders. We basically got flown to an isolated mountain, dropped off at the top, snowboard to the bottom in knee deep powder just to get flown to the top again. The weather was perfect and the setting was magic.
If not a photographer, where would you see yourself?

Sitting in an office wishing I was a photographer.
If the chance arose, who or what would you most like to photograph?

I would love to hang out with Clint Eastwood, his face has so much character and he oozes cool!
What tips or advice do you have for budding photographers?

Do a business/marketing paper and shoot work that you want to be paid to shoot.
Has the advent of digital been beneficial or detrimental to professional photographers?

For me personally I love working with digital in that it allows so much freedom to experiment and develop an image. I am all about embracing technology and it is an exciting time as it is evolving rapidly. I believe digital has played a big part in the improvement of high end photography and it has also played a part in saturating the market with lower end photography. As a photographer serious about surviving as a professional it just means you have to shoot better quality work and offer a service that people value.

Can you see clients moving from stills to video, with the advent of HD video capabilities in digital SLRs?

There will always be a place for quality photography but the internet and computer screens are quickly becoming the place where media is consumed and multimedia is ideal for that. I have a passion for stills and motion and my goal is to be providing multimedia assets as demand for it grows.
Are you a fan of using a flash in photography?

For sure, lighting plays a crucial part in creating a look that I want to achieve. However, I am becoming more interested in constant lighting and the specific look it brings along with the fact that you can capture both stills and motion simultaneously.

If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?

A three course setup, 2 beers and a pie.
What do you do to get away from the grind/to de-stress when things get too hectic?

I love sports so I regularly have a hit of tennis, I am learning to surf which is way harder than it looks and I am looking forward to getting away for  some snowboarding this winter.
What is your ideal automobile?

One that doesn't need petrol!


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