Spid Pye

Published 20/4/2018


How did you get into photography? What made you pursue it? 

I first started taking family photos at about 10 years old because my mother used to push the button so hard that all the images would come back with the heads cut off. my passion for photography grew from there, I wasn’t great at school but did study art, when I left school and got a job the first pay check I got, I went out and bought a Minolta 35mm camera with a 50mm lens, from there I was self taught until I was 22 when I went to art school in London.


Which genre in photography do you enjoy working in the most? 

I love portraiture but not limited to, I was trained by a fashion and still life photographers as an assistant full time for 2 1/2 years.


Your biggest inspiration? 

I draw inspiration from all over the place but I do love character driven work! I love the idea of people pushing their creative selves in front of my camera.

How is it like to work for international clients or to create work for an audience with a different set of cultural backgrounds/beliefs? 

No different because at the end of the day when someones personality shines through an image everyone can relate to it. 


How important is post processing for you as an advertising photographer? 

Very important, its like not making a print in the dark room! I can spend a long time working up a piece of art, days in fact!

What sets your work apart from the others? 

Composition and lighting Spiddy! Everyone see’s things differently, I’m no different, personally I use photography design to draw the viewer into where I want them to look and people say I’m good with talent.


How difficult is it to create original content in today’s world? 

I think it’s easy, if you want to create something, original get some mood boards together arrange a shoot and see what comes out, its fun to challenge yourself.

What sort of gear do you currently use - photography, lighting, etc.?

When I’m cruising I use a Canon, when I’m working I use what ever equipment I need to use to get the job done, I’ve got a personal series coming up where I’m shooting film, prop on my Yashica medium format with a hand made German lens. 


If not a photographer what would you be? 

I'd sell products - toilet paper!!

Your dream project? 

Shot it last year!! I love challenging jobs, jobs where you have to figure stuff out creativity and especially when collaborating with others I love special effects.


Any word of advice for photographers who are just starting out? 

Network, network, network! And work hard do this by working with others. 

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