Jeremy Toth

Published 21/6/2016

What’s your background? Did you study photography?

I completed a Bachelor of Design with Honours at Unitec in 2003.


When did you realise that photography is or could be your career?

My first year of my degree was when I did a 1 week photography elective. Then and there I decided I would dedicate myself to photography.

How does your history come in to the work you do today?

My father is a builder and I spent a fair bit of time around building sites when I was growing up. Hence I am naturally drawn to architecture which is where I am putting my focus on now.


How important is working alongside other creatives for you?

Vital, the creative process to me is a very collaborative one so the more input I can get from people involved in a project the stronger the result.


Genre-wise, do you have a favourite type of assignment to shoot?

As mentioned I love capturing architecture and exploring nature and people in their environment.


Can you pick a favourite job so far?

There are a few but creating a set of images and video of Nat Cheshire's Eyrie project was one of those rare occasions where there was something special in the air.

How important is it to you to create personal work?

It is everything if you wish to balance the love of your work with the need to create for a business. If I couldn't create work that resonates with me then I wouldn't see the point of making images for a living.


What would we be surprised to find in your gear bag? Do you carry any unlikely essentials?

A journal.


What motivates or inspires you? If you’re working on a concept, what do you do to get the creative juices flowing?

I enjoy trying to capture the unseen or unnoticed moments in nature. Whenever I make an effort to be aware of my surroundings and I have a camera in my hand it transports me to a place of joy.


Do you have any advice for young photographers?

Initially, shoot as many different subjects as you can and that way you will define what you really want to capture and what you don't.


Imagine you’re picking a piece of work from another photographer for the wall of your home, what would you be looking for in the image?

I love landscapes and am drawn to the abstract details that nature provides so an image that at first glance makes me question what I am looking at. If it makes me wonder in awe of the world we live in then I am sold.


If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be doing?

A professional scuba diver perhaps.


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