Stephen Robinson

Published 1/1/0001

Stephen Robinson is an Auckland based professional photographer. Working out of his studio in Newton, he likes to capture the world as it is, in a natural and stress-free style. With a desire to be creative at an early age, it was the way of photography he chose to follow.

Where are you based?

Central Auckland, I live and work out of a studio in Newton.
How long have you been a photographer?
Too long, but I still love it.
Tell us a little about your style of photography.

I like to shoot things the way they are and feel that my photography should look natural, stress-free and relaxed.


What gear do you use?

Canon 5D mark II bodies and prime lenses. I also always carry a Lumedyne lighting kit with me.
What is/has been your greatest challenge as a photographer?

My greatest challenge would be gaining new clients and growing my business.
What has been your most memorable assignment and why?

I enjoy photographing for my book projects, as I get to see them develop from start to finish.

If not a photographer, where would you see yourself?

I would be a jeweler as I was just about to start an apprenticeship, but dropped it to go to Wellington Polytechnic (Massey) to do the Diploma in Photography.


If the chance arose, who or what would you most like to photograph?

To do what I do now, but in a much bigger market place.

What tips or advice do you have for budding photographers?

To be aware it's a tough time ahead. The way that imagery is being seen and used today, I think it will be a challenge to have photography taken as a serious medium in the future.
Has the advent of digital been beneficial or detrimental to professional photographers?

I see it as being both, the advancement of digital photography has allowed greater accessibility, but has also meant it has lowered the skill level of the operator.


Can you see clients moving from stills to video, with the advent of HD video capabilities in digital SLRs?

Are you a fan of using a flash in photography?

Yes and no, all lighting needs to have a very fine touch.
What meal would you cook to impress somebody?

I like to cook and do so every night. If I was out to impress, I would go to a restaurant and have something that I wouldn't cook.

What do you do to get away from the grind/to de-stress when things get too hectic?

I love going to my bach where I'm currently planting up the section with native trees.
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