Fraser Chatham

Published 12/9/2016


When did you first think of becoming a photographer? 

I've considered becoming a photographer since I was around 13. I became serious about making it a career about five years ago. 

Did you study photography?

I studied fine arts at Elam for three years, but I wouldn't consider that a 'photography' degree. I also did the Kingsize scholarship in 2014. 


What do you try to convey through your photos?

A strong sense of technical precision, considered composition and aesthetically pleasing colour and form. 
Where do you draw inspiration from for your photos?

Its hard to say. Lately I have been looking at a lot of Modernist Architecture and design principals.


The importance of post processing for you? 

I always try to get as much of a shot done in camera but I consider post equally important, without it I wouldn't be able to refine my work and achieve the precision that I aim for.

What got you into product photography and still life? 

Studio Photography has also motivated me through its technical challenges and importance of detail, I also love having full control over every shot and the ability to be able to shoot on my own.

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Do you have a method for gaining new editorial and advertising clients? 

No not really. I have just recently signed with Proof agency which is really exciting, I think that will push my commercial work to the next level.

What cameras and lighting gear did you start with and what are you currently using?

- The first Camera I shot with was a Canon 450D. The first lighting equipment I used was some old Elinchrome Mono heads at University, I can't even remember the model.
- Now I use Broncolor lighting and Canon. Basically raiding the Kingsize Studios gear room whenever I shoot! 

For your commercial work, how important is your website? 

I haven't had a website for a couple of years now, to be honest most of my work in the past has come from people viewing my Instagram. But my work is now up on the Proof agency site.


Do you use a hard copy portfolio?

Not at the moment. I'm working on a book at the moment. I recently did a batch of loose prints to show in the meantime.
Your most exciting project to date?

I enjoyed shooting the Leisure "Control myself" album cover, that was one of the first in a series of similarly styled shots I've done since and I feel like it kind of started this style development that I'm getting excited about. Also shooting a portrait of Jimmy Choo for Remix Magazine was great.


Tell us a bit about the compositions in your photos?

Often central in the frame, but I also like to play with balancing off-centred compositions with finer subject details and subtleties. 
Is there a lot of planning involved prior to the shoot?

Yes, pretty much every shot I now work on needs a decent amount of problem solving before-hand. I often start of with an idea of lighting/technical set up that I want to try then I move on the subject and colours.


Favourite photographer and/or artist?

I have many. Carl Kleiner, James Day and Nadav Kander would be photographers careers I would like to emulate!

Your plans for the future and where do you see yourself in the next few years?

In the next few years hopefully I'm still represented in New Zealand shooting commercial and personal work. At some point I would also love to have my own a personal home Studio to experiment with Still life concepts.


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