Hannah Peters

Published 23/2/2018


Please introduce yourself and tell us how you got into photography?

Hi, my name is Hannah Peters and I’m a staff photographer with Getty Images based in Auckland, New Zealand.
I first got into photography when I was about 7 taking photos of anything I could see. I went on to take photography as a subject in my last two years of school.


What led you into pursuing sports photography?

I’ve always loved sport, and have always been passionate about photography so joining the two is a dream job for me.

Your biggest inspiration?

A photographer I have always admired was James Natchway. I have always loved his work and think the images he has created in his career are beautiful and often iconic.


How often are you on the road and away from home, and what kind of long hours do you do?

With sports photography you are working every weekend. There are some long hours involved on big assignments. My next big assignment will be the Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast where I’ll be away for two weeks working 12-15hr days.


Can you see yourself doing sports photography for the rest of your career, or do you think you might branch out or switch into something else?

I would love to stay in sports photography as it’s my biggest passion but also shoot news/portraits/entertainment. The industry is changing a lot so you have to be versatile.

In what ways do you think sports photography has evolved in the past decade or so?

Obviously when cameras went digital that has had  a massive change to the industry in terms of quality and speed. Also, the impact of social media and the way images can get a message across very quickly to a much larger audience is a massive game changer.


Do you post process the images yourself? What sort of turnaround time do you work with?

For major events like the Olympics, Getty Images has a team of editors who are editing ‘live’. Pictures are sent from camera wirelessly to editors so pictures are out to all clients within seconds of being shot. This is getting faster and faster as technology improves each year.

For domestic events I am shooting and processing my own pictures. Speed is everything now, so I am filing as soon as I have a good frame.


Your favourite moment/photograph captured thus far?

One of my most memorable moments was the Cricket World Cup semi final, New Zealand v South Africa. Grant Elliott of New Zealand staking hands with Dale Steyn. I was on the top level of the north stand at Eden Park. New Zealand had won the game off the last ball and I have never experienced an atmosphere like it. I had goosebumps along with fans spilling beer over me, taking their shirts off, dancing. The rows of seats were rocking and I remember having to stand up to get over the top of excited fans, hand holding a 600mm to achieve the shot. At the time I knew I had a special image which got used globally.

Talk us through some of the physical and emotional stress involved while photographing the biggest events - Olympics, Commenwealth Games, etc.

Photographing an event like the Olympics where every day for a few weeks is high pressure and long hours. It’s a true test of your endurance to be able to make great pictures every day with tight deadlines, along with the highest level of expectation and competition. It is however one of the most rewarding events to cover where you are covering the top athletes in the world on the biggest stage.


Have you managed to send through any prints to the athletes?

Everything is online these days so it is more done through email and links rather than prints.

How is it like to work for gettyimages? What are some of the biggest challenges you face?

Getty Images is a great company to work for. They give me awesome opportunities that I wouldn’t normally get and also allow my pictures to end up in publications all over the world.
One challenge is being remote down in New Zealand, however communication is really strong so it helps to still feel part of a bigger team.


Your favourite sportsperson?

Sophie Pascoe. She’s an amazing athlete, always has time for media and makes for great pictures.

What gear do you shoot with currently?

3 x Canon 1DX mk II
1 x 400mm f2.8
1 x 70-20mm f2.8
1 x 80mm f1.2
1 x 50mm f 1.2
1 x 35mm f.2
1 x 16 – 35mm f2.8
1 x 8-15mm f2.8


Lastly, any word of advice for someone who wants to get into sports photography?

My advice would be perseverance and practice. No matter what the event you can always make a picture. Stay passionate.


Instagram : @hannahpetersnz
Websites : Personal Website

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