Product: LEE Filters LEE85 Discover Kit (1 left at this price)
Product: LEE Filters LEE85 Discover Kit (1 left at this price)

LEE Filters LEE85 Discover Kit (1 left at this price)

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LEE Filters

LEE85 Discover Kit

85mm Filter System Kit

Designed for use with compact, bridge, and mirrorless camera systems, the LEE85 Discover Kit from LEE Filters offers you a more compact LEE85 Filter Holder, along with a 0.6 Medium ND Grad (Neutral Density Graduated) Filter, three Adaptor Rings, and a L85 System Pouch. This kit is a great place to start discovering the potential of contrast control with a neutral density graduated filter.

The LEE85 Filter Holder provides all the features of the larger filter system in a sleeker, more portable form. This versatile holder can be configured with 1, 2, or 3 filter slots using the included modular guide blocks, thus allowing you to customise your LEE filter setup with various NDs and filters for any lighting situations and creative shooting.

The included 0.6 Medium Graduated Neutral Density Filter features a medium transition from clear to 2 stops of density for darkening skies with minimal impact on the land. Position the filter anywhere in the filter holder according to where the transition is required. Without a hard demarcation line, this ND Grad is ideal when elements like rooftops and mountains protrude in the sky. Additionally, clearly labelled grip tabs on the filter indicates the visible area and to keep fingerprints off the filter zone.

For compatibility with lenses of common filter thread sizes, three adapter rings of various diameters - 58mm, 67mm, and 72mm - are included in the kit. A range of adapter rings of sizes 37mm to 72mm are separately available.

A System Pouch, made of tough and durable fabric to withstand wear and tear, holds together and protects the kit elements. It is designed to contain a LEE85 FIlter Holder, a Polariser, and up to four Filters. For flexible transporting options, a shoulder strap and a belt loop comes supplied for use with the pouch.

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