Product: MagMod MagBox 24 Octa Pro Kit
Product: MagMod MagBox 24 Octa Pro Kit
Product: MagMod MagBox 24 Octa Pro Kit Product: MagMod MagBox 24 Octa Pro Kit

MagMod MagBox 24 Octa Pro Kit

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MagBox 24 Octo Pro Kit

Softbox Kit for Hotshoe Flashes

The MagMod products translates the speed and strength afforded by magnets into benefits for photographers. Here, MagMod puts together the MagBox 24 Octo Pro Kit, a softbox kit for hotshoe flashes, to offer options and flexibility for photographers who may want to maximise the use of their speedlights as well as configure system to for use with strobe lights.

The kit includes the following items:
- 1 x MagBox 24 Octa Softbox
- 1 x MagRing
- 1 x MagShoe
- 1 Set of CT Correction Gels (Includes 8 Gels)
- 1 x MagMod MagBox 24 Octa FocusDiffuser
- 1 x MagMod MagBox Case

The one-piece design of the 24" MagBox 24 Octa Softbox provides for fast set up and breakdown and features an impressive output evenness throughout without exhibiting hotspots or the use of an internal baffle. After MagBox pops open with an easy click, the magnets in the base affords a swift, sturdy and strong attachment with speedring adapters for various strobes or speedlights. Via optional dedicated speedring adapters, the Magbox is compatible with Profoto, Bowens, Elinchrom, or Paul C. Buff strobes. The included MagRing, a lightweight universal speedlight mount which features the use of magnets, is designed to accept one to two speedlights for use with the Magbox.  Speedlights need to be outfitted with the separately available MagGrip for rapid and easy toolless latching onto the MagRing. A press of the Magnetic Field Disrupter detaches the Magbox from the speedrings to allow up a quick fold up of the soft box. Once mounted, close the incorporated rear locking doors on the MagRing for additional security. While the MagRing features a cold shoe mounting feet, it can also be mounted to the MagMod MagShoe for handheld or stand-mounted use. This cold shoe body features universal compatibility and an ergonomic shape to enhance usability, and is designed for one hand operation that includes mounting and locking the flash in place using the integrated locking ring. Futhermore, a stand-mounted MagShoe can be tilted single-handedly over a range of 155° via its built-in trigger that both releases and lock the position of the tilt.

To enable colour correction and support your creativity, the kit comes with the MagBox Correction Gels, a set of eight rigid polycarbonate gels. You can put up to two gels in the MagBox's built-in gel holder for instant colour temperature balance or custom colour hues to help bring your creative vision to life. Meanwhile, the included MagBox 24 Octa FocusDiffuser functions like a combination of a grid and a lens, employing micro-structures to narrow the light beam such that the output increases two to three stops while creating a flattering softlight that can be directed as you wish. Once again, the integrated magnet of the diffuser enables quiet and fast attachment to the MagBox as well as easy breakdown. It rolls up and can be stored in the MagBox Case, along with everything else in the kit plus more. This travel-friendly case has been designed to store, protect and transport one Magbox, one MagRing, two MagShoes, two FocusDiffusers, 2 speedlight flashes, and 24 MagBox Gels.


MagBox 24 Octo Pro Kit

Softbox Kit for Hotshoe Flashes

MagMod MagBox 24 Octa Softbox

Shape Octagon
Interior Silver
Requires Speed Ring Yes, seperately available
Accepts Grids Yes
Removable Front Face Yes
Light Loss 1 Stop
Material Fabric, Fiberglass
Circular Dimensions ø: 61 cm (Open)

Weight 0.74 kg (without Case)

MagMod MagRing

Compatibility Standard Head Speedlights
Mounting Cold Shoe Mounting Foot
Dimensions 19.7 x 18.4 x 5.4 cm
Weight 411 g

MagMod MagShoe for MagRing

Tilt 155°
Mounting Stand: 16 mm
MagRing: Cold Shoe
Dimensions 15.24 x 5.4 x 6.03 cm
Weight 167.3 g

MagMod MagBox 24 Octa FocusDiffuser

Diameter 61 cm
Light gain 2 - 3 stops

MagMod Correction Gel Set

Colour/Effect CT Filters
Material Polycarbonate

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