Product: B+W Praktica 72mm MC CPL Filter
Product: B+W Praktica 72mm MC CPL Filter

B+W Praktica 72mm MC CPL Filter

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This product has been discontinued. Please contact us for more information


72mm Praktica MC CPL Filter

Circular Polarising Filter

Offering good quality at an affordable price point, Praktica circular polarising filters provide clear and accurate colour photos. The whole filter line is MC-coated and is available as UV + Protection filters and circular polarising filters.

The surfaces of all objects reflect ambient light – bright surfaces produce strong, directed reflections whereas dull surfaces produce weaker, more diffuse ones. This light consequently superimposes itself on the inherent colours of the objects as a milky bluish veil. Because this veil of light has a large “polarised” portion, particularly with sun from the side, it is easy to prevent this colour loss.

A Praktica circular polarising filter mounted to the camera lens and turned to its optimum position blocks the polarised light so that colours maintain their natural, strong vibrance. This circular polarising filter can also be used to reduce reflections caused by light reflecting off glass, plastic, lacquer or water surfaces.

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