Product: Ricoh GR III HDF
Product: Ricoh GR III HDF
Product: Ricoh GR III HDF
Product: Ricoh GR III HDF
Product: Ricoh GR III HDF
Product: Ricoh GR III HDF Product: Ricoh GR III HDF Product: Ricoh GR III HDF Product: Ricoh GR III HDF Product: Ricoh GR III HDF


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Premium Digital Campact Camera

Incorporating a newly developed highlight diffusion filter (HDF), the Ricoh GR III HDF allows users greater control over the style of their imagery while maintaining exceptional image quality. Captures with HDF enabled are noticeably softer and feature an emphasize on highlights, resulting in a more nostalgic look that resembles film photography or vintage movies. The default setting of the Fn button is to turn HDF on or off. This model also features a dark silver shutter-release button to distinguish itself from previous GR series models. Lastly, new firmware allows Zone Select AF as well as up to three white-balance settings to be preprogrammed as the base white balance.

A fixed prime 18.3mm lens offers a comfortable 28mm equivalent wide-angle lens, which is complemented by a bright f/2.8 maximum aperture to suit working in a variety of lighting conditions. The optical construction incorporates six elements in four groups, including two aspherical elements that help to reduce spherical aberrations and distortion for improved sharpness and accurate rendering. Two focusing modes also suit working with general subjects, from 3.9" to infinity, while a dedicated macro setting benefits working with close-up subjects within a 2.4-4.7" range.

An internal two stop-effective (ND 0.6) filter is also available for either slowing the shutter speed or permitting working with a wider aperture setting, and the lens has a nine-blade diaphragm to contribute to a smooth bokeh quality. Additionally, the redeveloped lens design also results in greater contrast and is 1.5mm thinner than previous GR/GR II digital cameras.

Featured for the first time in a GR camera, a 3-axis Shake Reduction System helps minimize the appearance of camera shake in order to promote sharper handheld shooting at slower shutter speeds. The Shake Reduction System has been optimized for use with the built-in 28mm-equivalent lens, which renders it smaller and more effective. Additionally, the SR unit also offers moiré reduction and dust removal capabilities.

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