Product: X-Rite ColorChecker 18% Grey
Product: X-Rite ColorChecker 18% Grey

X-Rite ColorChecker 18% Grey

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ColorChecker 18% Grey

Colour management tool

This X-Rite ColourChecker 18% Grey is an easy to use tool to ensure your digital camera’s Raw photo image or video footage accurately portrays real life.
The perceived colour of white changes based on ambient light conditions. The grey is scientifically engineered to provide a precise uniform surface that is spectrally neutral, meaning it reflects equal amounts of red, blue and green in all types of light conditions.

Use it as a target for
reflective spot exposure metering and adjust your digital camera's colour sensitivity to exactly match the ambient lighting conditions. Even in a controlled studio environment, establishing an accurate custom grey balance ensures an accurate image.

The ColourChecker 18% Grey measures just 4 x 7 inches, making it easily portable.

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