Product: Ilford Harman Selenium Toner 1L
Product: Ilford Harman Selenium Toner 1L

Ilford Harman Selenium Toner 1L

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Harman Selenium Toner 1L

Selenium toner for black and white photographic paper

Harman Selenium Toner
from Ilford is a toner which provides rich and deep blacks, and when used with Multigrade Warmtone papers with a higher dilution such as 1+10 or 1+20 gives a slight cooling of the image tone and a shift in hue towards red. When used at lower dilutions such as 1+3 or 1+5, it produces a purplish brown. Colder papers react less rapidly, however blacks will deepen and the tonal range will be expanded. The reaction of selenium with the silver halide of the print hardens the adherence of the image to the paper, improving the chemical stability of the print for archival storage.

Working strength solutions will normally last for up to 6 months in full, tightly capped bottles, 1 month in half full tightly capped bottles, and up to 7 days in an open tray. It must be handled in a well ventilated area and treated as hazardous waste.

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