Product: Benro 58mm Slim HD IR-Cut ND64 Filter (6 Stops)
Product: Benro 58mm Slim HD IR-Cut ND64 Filter (6 Stops)

Benro 58mm Slim HD IR-Cut ND64 Filter (6 Stops)

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58mm SHD WMC IR ND64 Filter

6 Stop Neutral Density Filter 

This 58mm SHD WMC IR ND64 Filter from Benro is a neutral density filter with a 1.8 density to provide a 6 stop reduction in light from entering the lens, making longer exposure times possible. This enables you to capture creamy skies, smooth waters, and other effects desirable in landscape photography. Another application is to allow the use of a wider aperture during very bright conditions.

As part of Benro's SHD filter series, special care has been taken in the filter's construction. The filter features a slim, rugged black filter frame to reduce internal reflections, and high quality optical material with a multi-layered anti-reflection coating. A ULCA low-colour multi-layer coating provides high light transmission and low reflectivity to reduce glare. This is complimented by the WMC coating that offers scratch-resistance and repels water and oil.

Additionally, Benro have added IR (infrared) protection to this filter. Normally, when using a neutral density filter the camera is vulnerable to infrared light which can cause an unwanted red colour cast in images when shooting at small apertures. The IR protection helps to eliminate the infrared light through the lens to bring back the natural colour.

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