Product: Benro 55mm SD WMC ND8 Filter (3 Stops)
Product: Benro 55mm SD WMC ND8 Filter (3 Stops)

Benro 55mm SD WMC ND8 Filter (3 Stops)

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55mm SD WMC ND8 Filter

3 Stop ND (Neutral Density) Filter 

This 55mm SD WMC ND8 filter from Benro is a 3 Stop neutral density filter designed to reduce all different wavelengths of light for an even 3 stop reduction in light. This allows your shutter speed to be slowed, which is particularly useful when photographing water and tides, or when a dramatic effect is desired. Your image colour will not be affected.

This filter features a rugged aluminum alloy filter ring and 12 layers AR multi-coating increases transmittance while decreasing internal reflections. Edge coating with black decreases reflections at the filter edge. The WMC abbreviation is short for Waterproof Multi-Coating, which as well as being anti-reflective, makes this filter water and oil repellent and fingerprint and scratch resistant.

Please note that the item pictured is 77mm, however this listing is for the 55mm size.

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