B+W UV-Pro

Published 1/3/2015

We received the B+W UV-Pro in store, a new piece of tech from the guys at B+W, a portable sterilising unit, which sounds like it will be a great asset for the photographer that travels to damp/humid environments.

The unit has a deep ultraviolet light-emitting diode (DUV-LED), which emits rays with wavelength shorter than 300nm (UVC). This protects cameras and lenses from going mouldy by killing bacteria on the coating, destroying their DNA & RNA, thus permanently halting the reproduction.



Reasonably small in size it comes in three parts, the actual unit, the adapter which is magnetised and has two sides, one side to fit onto your camera body, the other onto the back of your lens, and the Lens adapter which is also magnetised.


It has a default working duration of 2 minutes, and charges via USB. Perfect size to slip into your bag for traveling.



We're hoping to have more stock of these in the future depending on interest. Contact us if you would like more info.








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