Jason Kelly

Published 6/9/2016


Tell us a little bit about yourself and what got you into photography?

I’m a photographer based in Queenstown, but moved over from Lymington in the UK about 5 years ago now. Came on holiday between working on a local beach and fell in love with the place so never left! I grew up in a very creative family, and my parents always took us away every weekend on mini adventures around the UK and Europe. Dad always had a Pentax 35mm that eventually ended up in my hands and the seed was planted so to say..

(Dads a dab hand on the photos too @kesterkelly1)

What do you enjoy most about photography?

That it pushes me to consistently seek new places and be patient, as clichéd as that sounds.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My parent’s house. Going home and seeing new photos on the walls and paintings always opens my mind to the past and present. Don McCullin is a pretty big inspiration too.

Do you do any image processing and selecting while travelling?

Nah, I like to keep my mind off all that and experience the moment. I usually wait a week or two before downloading to give me a fresh set of eyes to look at them. Some of your biggest challenges faced while photographing during your travels? Not taking enough time to sit back and let a moment happen. People tend to walk around with a phone or camera to their eyeball these days. Sometimes I go away and only shoot a few frames. It’s important to take in the here and now as well as getting that killer shot from Insta.. the struggle is real.

What do you shoot with?

Fuji. But that’s just my preference, I’m of the mind set that it doesn’t really matter what you shoot with as long as that image evokes a response in someone.

Your favourite place to visit?

Blankenese on the outskirts of Hamburg is where our family hail from and is a pretty special place for me, along with the Amalfi coast and the Dorset coastline.

Where can people see more of your work?

www.fromheretothere.co is my personal stuff along with @jasonckelly & @thex100button on Instagram.

What lies ahead for you and your work as a photographer?

To buy a medium format camera and slow down. Film will far out beat digital in the long run and I want my photos to last longer than me.








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